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War on Terror and War on Error; by M. R. Mohamed - Sri Lanka



The conspicuous military approaches consequent to the 11 September 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre and the fierce clashes between civilizations are predominant in the new international order.

In the Dawwa service of Rasoolulla (sal) an entire community structure was established and introduced to the world civilization within 23 years. This has clearly created and divided a great path in today’s world. While the Muslim countries following Islam and the other nations function separately, it can be observed that super powers such as the UNO, USA, UK, EU and Russia are operating on a massive plan against Islam.

It can also be observed that in addition to terrorism, Islam and patriotism, errors are now openly discussed in the Western world. The War on Error is now gaining momentum.
But the people of the Western world are thinking differently. They realize that the United Nations, the political authorities of the super powers and the media are creating and spreading a great lie regarding the Muslims. However, no organization or strong media has been formed to gather and reveal these alternative views.

Bush’s War on Terror has not ended. Syria and Iran are further targets. The attack on the World Trade Centre cannot be approved by any Muslim. That was not an American military centre. It was a place of work and livelihood for people. The attack on 11 September 2001 engendered widespread sympathy within America and the rest of the world. 

Using this sympathy as capital, the Bush administration began a major work plan against Islam, to seize lands and resources of the Muslims.

Ordinary American administrators, the public and the entire military participated in this directly and indirectly. Countries such as Britain and Australia also similarly participated. The war against the Muslims was thus institutionalized globally.

Contemporary activities of Bush are more horrendous than the tyranny of Hitler. The tyranny of Hitler did not affect Islam or the Muslims to this extent. It was different. Analysts say Bush’s war has led to more terrible and greater devastation than the destruction caused by Hitler and in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. The grabbing of Muslim land by Bush’s neo-colonialism in the name of war on terror is more cruel than these destructions. Our resources are entirely plundered, and permanent American military bases are established on Muslim lands.

Osama Bin Laden’s unsophisticated war mongering stance against the West by the name of Al Qaida, and bombing approaches are likewise painful in the Islamic view. These triggered Bush’s war on terror against Islam.

The questions asked in the West today are: Who is a terrorist? What is the definition of terrorism? What are the determining criteria?  A public body acceptable to everyone is urgently needed to undertake this. Only through such a body, the totality of the world errors can be understood by all.

Basically, there is no change regarding Muslims in formations and countries such as UNO, USA, UK, EU and Russia. Their intention is to destroy Muslim ascendancy. Faces may change often but there will be no change in this policy. There is deep unity among them in this regard. Therefore, opportunities for realizing their errors or making them aware of the errors are absent. Awareness can be created only by the Islamic Khilafat principle. There is no other course.

The Israeli walls arose in the same century of the destruction of the Berlin wall that divided East and West Germany. Palestine was fragmented. Why did not the Bush administration come forward to give effect to the decision of the International Court of the UN that this was illegal?

The rejection of Hamas (Not in Violence side but their Engagement with Fair Electoral Process), which won a major victory democratically in Palestine, and the acceptance of Fatah under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, which lost the election, to form the government, is akin to murder of world democracy. Although the people desired that Hamas should form the government, the Western world did not allow this. The grant of money in millions, weapons and full international recognition against this desire, is a despicable act. To which institution in the world can anyone complain about this injustice?

The pre-planned entry into Iraq, even before the decision of the UN and the IAEA, breaching international law and justice, norms and boarders, and the destruction of the entire resources, devastating the lives of people, was a great tyranny. The Iraqis have to pay a high price to be liberated from this.

The information that America, Britain and France are united in covering up the historical background of Sudan’s Darfur problem in order to weaken the Islamic state, to transform Darfur into a separate state and to find the Sudanese government guilty, is not new.

They planned and suppressed and restrained leftist and alternative thoughts. By holding the UN veto power in their hands they have placed the Muslim world in a perilous position. It is felt that the veto power is needed at least for one Muslim state. It is said that Malaysia is the appropriate nation.

The failure by both communities (Islam and West) to learn from history and to realize our errors is an indication that destructions will continue. History must be subject to analysis. The results of such analysis must be considered, past errors must be realized and new approaches must be adopted.

Has the world today forgotten the destruction caused by Hitler? Have they forgotten what happened to America in Vietnam and to Russia in Afghanistan? These experiences are sufficient for the UN and the West to institute a new civilized system. It is more beneficial to learn from historical errors and the lessons of history rather than from ideologies.
We now need new Umar Mukhtars with ability to intellectually struggle against colonialism. The role of intellectuals is vital in solving cotemporary problems. This is the basis of the  intellectual jihad of today.

Only the Islamic-ethical intellectual principle of Khilafat, and movement towards it, will provide a solution to the Muslim community to escape the clutches the Western world. It is appropriate to say that the British soil is providing a significant opportunity to intellectuals for such thought. 

(Written by: M. R. Mohamed (, Published in Tamil in Meelparvai-Sri Lanka, on 02nd of November 2007, Issue 138, Page 10)

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