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Sri Lanka; JVP MP Sunil Hadunhetty was attacked by...?


Sri Lanka News Debrief - 16.11.2010

Today on Debrief: - Military intelligence units behind attack in Jaffna -- JVP..... Women's Movement for Freedom demands immediate release of Sri Lankan maid Risana Nafeek..... Ranil wants public sector salaries increased.....Tourism officials set to launch new promotional theme initiative

Does It Mean Gota’s Men Cracked Handunneththi’s Head?

Defense Secretary, retired lieutenant in the S.L Army, Gotabhaya Rajapakse, blatantly violating ministerial regulations and engaging in politics, has said emergency regulations cannot be removed due to the activities of the JVP and the TNA.   
The JVP and the TNA, are political parties that oppose the government but are increasingly being hailed by masses in the North. This situation irritates the Rajapakse regime and the Army has been directly deployed to prevent the two parties having any rapport with the masses in the North.
Meanwhile, a Sinhala speaking armed group assaulted and attempted to assassinate JVP Parliamentarian Sunil Handunneththi, who went to Jaffna for political activities with several others. Fortunately, the murder attempt was thwarted and would be assassins retreated when a crowd gathered at the site.    
However, two groups were appointed on orders of President Percy Mahendra regarding the attack but so far no one has been arrested.  While investigations are being carried out the relevant secretary (Minister) talking about implementing laws and withdrawing them could be termed as the cart jumping before the horse.  (Lankatruth)

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