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Journalist Attacked in Sri Lanka

Tamil journalist attacked in Colombo

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 17 November 2010, 10:17 GMT]
Unidentified gang of eight persons severely assaulted a Tamil journalist Lenin Raja, 28 in Wattala area in Colombo when he was returning home after duty at Vetri FM electronic media operating from Colombo Tuesday night around 11:00 p.m. Lenin Rajah rushed with the injuries to Wattala Police Station made a complaint in this regard. 

Lenin Rajah was later admitted to the nearby government hospital, media sources said.

He was seriously injured in an attack on the Vetri FM station by an unidentified gang in July this year. (Tamil Net)

British Tamil journalist arrested in Sri Lanka
[ Friday, 19 November 2010, 07:21.47 PM GMT +05:30 ]
Sri Lanka State Intelligence officers arrested a London based Tamil journalist Wednesday at the Colombo Airport, while the journalist was on his way to visit his family, Journalist for Democracy in Sri Lanka (JDS), a dissident exciled journalist group that first released the Channel-4 execution video said in an urgent alert.
A British passport holder, Karthigesu Thirulogasundar, 37, was arrested by the officers attached to Sri Lankan state intelligence agency and currently being held in an undisclosed location. Thirulogasundar was previously attached to London based popular TV channels Deepam TV and GTV.

He is currently working as a full time journalist for London based radio station, IBC, the news alert said.

Thirulogasundar was visiting Sri Lanka, hoping to see his aging mother who is seriously ill. (Lankasri)

Journalism In Jaffna Is A Walk Through A Minefield

The pressure aimed at newspapers published in Jaffna to set a self censorship has been intensified during the past few days states Center for Human Rights in Sri Lanka (CHR).
A group armed with poles and sticks had come to the avenue where ‘Yal Thinakural’ newspaper office is situated state members of the editorial board of the newspaper. The members of the group with their faces covered had remained there for more than one hour in a threatening manner.

The members of the editorial board say the group had arrived with a person who had come on the pretext of staying in ‘Thinakural Guest House.’ They ask how could a group armed with sticks and poles wander about without being noticed by the Police and the Army whose members are deployed at every nook and corner in Jaffna.

Threatening letters were distributed among newspaper officers in Jaffna on the 25thNovember. This letter was published in ‘Udayan’ and Yal Thinukural’ newspapers on the 26thNovember and was also published in ‘Sudaroli’ on the 27th.  

Throughout the past year the newspapers in Jaffna were published amidst severe threats and challenges. Journalists were threatened and there were many threatening phone calls to members of editorial boards of these newspapers.   
‘Yal Thinakural’ newspaper had its newspapers set on fire and several of its sales agents murdered.

During the last ten days attacking a group of JVP members including its Parliamentarian Sunil Handunneththi, distribution of threatening letters and threatening a journalist of the ‘Yal Thinakural’ in Kayts were reported from Jaffna.

The Centre for Human Rights in Sri Lanka emphasizes that independency of the media including newspapers is vital to set up democracy in the post war period in the North. The CHR calls upon all parties to mediate to protect journalists, printing of newspapers and their distribution. (Lankatruth)

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